ABRA Fluid The Manufacturer of the Proven
High Pressure
Freezing Machine HPM 010

History and Preamble

The innovator of the concept of the HPM 010 High Pressure Freezing Machine was Prof. Dr. M. Moor, working for ETH Zurich.

1983  ABRA AG, located in 9443  Widnau, St. Gallen, Switzerland, is commissioned by ETH Zurich and Balzers Union to develop a market-driven High Pressure Freezing Machine.
1987  ABRA AG develops the very first functional prototype which became the base of today's HMP 010. In the following an improved mini series of three pieces for being used in practical experience took place.
1988-89 ABRA Fluid AG as subsidiary company of ABRA AG develops the first market-driven series of five pieces of today's HPM 010, a High Pressure Freezing Machine with sample preparation in highest quality, for the then still named Balzers Union AG in FL-9496  Balzers.
1989-92 Balzers Union AG sells more series of the HPM 010-unit, manufactured by ABRA Fluid AG. Balzers Union AG is incorporated into BAL-TEC AG.
1992-95 The newly founded BAL-TEC AG in FL-9496  Balzers is selling twenty machines of HPM 010 until their insolvency on June 07, 1995.
ABRA Fluid AG starts to undertake own sales activities.
1995-96 BAL-TEC AG in FL-9496  Balzers is led on by a new owner consortium by keeping the established company name and resumption of the sales activities for ABRA Fluid AG.
1996-07 ABRA Fluid AG provides BAL-TEC AG exclusively with further series of HPM 010-units.
2007  BAL-TEC AG plots the development of "HPM 100" and introduces it to the market, which ABRA Fluid AG was only able to find out by doing own investigations.
2008  We have decided to assign the sales and distribution of the High Pressure Freezing Machine HPM 010 to Boeckeler Instruments Inc., Tucson/AZ, USA, as our general agency.
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